4 in 10 Older Americans Say They’ve Had the Best Sex of Their Lives as They’ve Aged

There may be a good reason grandma and grandpa haven’t returned your phone call.


A new survey of 2,000 Americans aged 50 and older found that 45% reported having the best sex of their lives as they’ve aged.

In fact, the results showed that one in eight respondents have sex at least five times a week.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of LELO, the survey found that 35% are surprisingly more intimate than ever before and the same amount said their sex drive is higher than when they were younger.

More than a third of people over 50 would like to be more intimate but don’t have the time (38%) — likely because 42% claimed they were ‘always working’, 39% were living with others or often have family coming over.

Nearly half of those whose kids are out of the nest said their sex life had improved drastically.

Although some Americans 50 and older don’t have as much time to be intimate as they’d like, more than half said they take advantage of their free time by being intimate with their partner (56%).

While the most popular places in the home that respondents have had sex are the bedroom (69%) and living room (48%), one in four older people admitted to getting a little adventurous in the laundry room or on the staircase.

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“Even though we don’t see many older adults being sexually romantic in the media, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it too,” said Luka Matutinovic, LELO’s chief marketing officer.

But, one in eight said they would feel uncomfortable talking to their partner about changes in their sex drive.

“The myth around it is related to people’s discomfort with aging,” said Matutinovic. “But, intimacy comes in different forms as we age and it can be just as satisfying.”

Forty-two percent of those who have a low sex drive fear that it might destroy their relationship.

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But intimacy doesn’t always have to be about sex

Americans 50 and over enjoy bonding with their partners non-sexually by watching movies (53%), having intimate dinners (46%) or going on walks (44%).

One respondent said “a night out enjoying each other’s company” helps to spark their intimacy, while others say it’s important to remind one another that they love each other.

“The changes that come with aging make women and men communicate more, get more creative, have more time to explore, which leads to getting the right type of satisfaction,” adds Matutinovic.

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