9-Year-old Hero Unlocks Dad’s Phone With His Face to Call 911 as Carbon Monoxide Fills Home and Overtakes Parents

After hurricane-force winds hit New England last week, one-half million homes were without power.

Many people turned to generators to supply electricity, and one such instance almost turned deadly, were it not for the actions of a 9-year-old hero.

In Brockton, Massachusetts, Jayline Barbosa Brandao heard her father screaming and saw her mother unconscious, passed out from breathing too much carbon monoxide coming from the generator.

Soon, her father was overtaken, too, as the odorless gas continued to fill the home.

Jayline jumped into action, trying to use her father’s phone to call for help—but it was locked.

Staying calm, she told a Boston WFXT-TV reporter what happened next.

“I unlocked it by using my dad’s face.”

She then dialed 911—and she even called neighbors.

Paramedics arrived in time, and her mom credits her young daughter’s quick action for saving her life.

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Generators—which emit a poisonous gas like the combustion engine of a car — should only be used in a ventilated area.

The family thought they had it in a safe place, but it turns out Jayline was definitely in the right place.

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