Positively Social

Have you noticed the lack of positive content on social media? We’re sure you have. Like the news cycle, there is a lack of positive content on social media because it doesn’t generate as many clicks. Sad but true. But as time goes on, people are becoming positively sick of the balance between positivity and negativity - so they needed somewhere to go.

That place is Be Inspired - with our positively social profiles! We recognize the lack of positive motivational videos, the lack of stories positively centered in general and we’re trying to change that. We believe that people can be positively social and that this should be shared with people. As you search around our social platforms, you’ll find positive motivational videos, uplifting news stories, and more! Take a look around, and use our sections to filter out the different stories available.

The news cycle should be positively social, because all of us need a bit more uplift in our lives. If you have a positively focused story to send us, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’d love to feature it!

We’re updating the Positively Social profiles with new stories all the time, so make sure to follow us so that you keep up to date and don’t miss out on what we share.