Preliminary Analysis Indicates Wildfire Smoke Doesn’t Impact Solar Energy Collection

The United States aims to ramp up solar energy production from 3% today to 45% in 2050. Read about the impact wildfires have on this goal.

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Biotech Innovation Is Creating Numerous New Healthcare Therapies

We are in an incredible new medical era where different gene biotechnologies are being used to treat and cure incurable diseases. Read about some of the latest developments here.

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Don’t Let a Bad Day Trick You Into Believing You Have a Bad Life

Allie Newman not only survived cancer but also helps hospitals better meet the needs of teenage cancer patients.

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How To Not Take Things So Personally

Gain control of yourself in terms of your responses, emotions, and even energy levels. Here are 6 ways to help you process more effectively.

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Billionaire Philanthropist Changes Lives By Emphasizing Donations to Art, Music, and Science

When people think about billionaires, they usually picture the people that make the regular news cycle, like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk. But, not this one. Meet Edythe Broad!

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Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

-Carl Jung


Meet the Man Who Created a Theme Park for People with Special Needs

Gordon Hartman is the founder of Morgan’s Wonderland. It’s a 25-acre theme park in San Antonio, TX, with a twist. It operates as a non-profit because the 25 rides you’ll find here are accessible to those with disabilities.


The Tenacity to See the Stars

Be inspired by this story that reminds us that the next time we feel bored with a task or chore we need to look up at the stars…and challenge ourselves to reach for them.


Just Judy’s Is the Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Come be inspired by this story of a real life place in Indianapolis where everyone knows your name and your usual order.


Retired Army Colonel Continues Serving on the Front Lines Now as a Priest

Father Patrick Egan once served the country through the military, now he serves the Lord and his community. Read his inspiring story here.


This NGO Provides Laptops to Children in Remote Africa

An incredibly inspiring story about Nelly Cheboi, the founder of Techlit Africa, and how her organization is changing the lives of children in Africa


The Road to Appreciation

Mick is a big man with long hair and beard that would place him naturally onstage with the Grateful Dead.


Getting Outside is the Best Way to Get Rid of the Blues

An article published in the Berkley News details the power of Nature therapy not only in reducing stress and anxiety, but also in dramatically reducing the symptoms of PTSD


Artificial Intelligence Could Detect Mental Health Concerns Earlier

With the help of artificial intelligence, it might be easier than ever to identify potential mental health concerns in patients.


Koli Uses Traditional Knowledge to Improve Mumbai’s Coastal Ecosystem

Be inspired by the Koli people, the original inhabitants of Mumbai, and how they are using Mother Nature to help heal and protect the land.


You Can Do This

Come be inspired by one man’s story of not only overcoming life’s obstacles but using that to manifest positive change for others by creating the Cheetah’s Track Club.


NJ Non-Profit Achieves Lifetime Goal of Collecting One Million Pounds of Food

Foodstock NJ is an idea born out of a Senior project in 2009 by Maura Swisher. The initial version of Foodstock was called A Ton of Fun.


National Pit Bull Awareness Month Hoped to Defeat Stereotypes

Each October, National Pit Bull Awareness month works to change the societal stereotypes that have come to follow these dogs.

Letter to Change a Persons Life

It Only Takes One Letter to Change a Person’s Life

Allison Bond started writing to sick children, soldiers, and prisoners because people often look at them on the surface instead of seeing the actual person. That led to the creation of Kindness Through Letters.

If You Love Dogs, You’ll Love this Story

If You Love Dogs, You’ll Love this Story

Read this heartwarming story of how a German shepherd slept at his owner’s gravesite for years after he passed.


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  • Meet the Man Who Created a Theme Park for People With Special Needs
  • This NGO Provides Laptops to Children in Remote Africa
  • Koli Uses Traditional Knowledge to Improve Mumbai’s Coastal Ecosystem
  • NJ Non-Profit Achieves Lifetime Goal of Collecting One Million Pounds of Food