One Man’s Story on How Unexpected Change Blossomed Into Something Good

Finding the rainbow after the storm

Below you will find a special article written from the personal experience of one of Be Inspired's talented writing staff.  With everything that happened over the last 2 years both personally and professionally, we believe many of you will be able to relate.  Here is his story on how life is about change and how we can use that change to create good.

How it Began

Since March 2020, things have been a little rough on me. I went from working 35 to 40 hours per week as a marketing copywriter to 70 hours. At first, when everyone was getting laid off, my family and I felt blessed because it meant we didn’t need to worry about money. My spouse was then determined to be an essential worker, which meant we had two steady paychecks.

We got through those first two weeks of the pandemic. When April came around, we finished watching The Walking Dead and The Goldbergs as a family.

The hours started getting old, but the people who needed help became an ever-growing list. I’d had content go viral three times at that point for other clients, so my work was in demand.

My biggest struggle during those moments was the lack of recognition. I’d be working as many hours as doctors and nurses in our community. They’d get rightful props for the work they did, but I’d be criticized for not stepping up to help others in some way.

The breaking point was the second week of June. There are 168 hours in a week, and I’d put in 120 in my home office supporting businesses worldwide. I was tired, burnt out, and at the end of my rope. And yet, there was still more to do.

Working long days in the home office with my buddy as company
Working long days in the home office with my buddy as company

Thousands of People Were Working to Transform Their Businesses

One of the first businesses I was asked to promote was a nonprofit in Atlanta called Hope Thru Soap. They provided a mobile shower experience for the community’s homeless before the pandemic, but they shifted to address critical food needs and hygiene insecurity.

Hope Thru Soap a mobile

Since the start of the pandemic, Hope Thru Soap has distributed nearly 100,000 pounds of food to people in food-insecure conditions. They even distribute information to help people on the streets protect themselves from potential infections.

Tucker Silk Mill is another story that stands out for me. This small café is in Easton, Pennsylvania. Before the pandemic, they built themselves as a place for the community to gather, share a meal, and enjoy each other’s company. Since traditional deliveries weren’t possible, they began to sell groceries on their website and offered a pickup option at their location.

Once they started selling groceries, their business grew exponentially. They closed in 2021 to reopen in a new downtown location so that they could offer even more to their community.

Tucker Silk Mill

Then there were the stories of parents who couldn’t find any childcare options for their kids, even when they were classified as essential workers. Some of them let their children fend for themselves while they went to earn a paycheck, but others looked for ways to begin a business at home.

Several parents with enough space at home decided that their neighbors were having similar problems if they couldn’t find affordable daycare options. We worked together to create low-cost business models by contacting agencies for donations so that a family could make enough to earn a living while supporting their communities.

In total, I’ve worked with over 500 businesses to help them transform, innovate, or expand. Only one of them didn’t make it to 2022. That’s why I keep going.

Where I Am Today Is Not Where I Thought I’d Be


In the past two years, my copywriting has helped people break into affiliate marketing, report on local events more effectively, and change existing businesses into something entirely new.

When we talk about the mental health needs of people during and after the pandemic, it’s often about the families that experience job or income loss. When it’s not them, we talk about the heroism of healthcare workers, teachers, and educational professionals.

I’m in the unique position of having mental health needs because I’ve had too much during the past two years. When I see a business thriving because of my work, it makes me smile. That’s another family saved from the brink, I think.

It also brings about an overwhelming feeling of fatigue. Just yesterday, one of my friends stopped by and said, “You know, you’re looking a bit weathered this week.”

I’ve found a therapist, used verbal journaling, and scheduled at least an hour of downtime with my family each day. I know I’ll be fine, but can you say the same about your neighbors? Your friends? Your family?

The people who seem the strongest after the past two years are those that likely need the most help. They won’t admit it, but you can see the strain if you look close enough. Check-in on them and make sure they’re okay because we’re all somewhere we’d never thought we’d be these days.

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