81-year-old Olympic Medalist, Judy Amoore Pollock Inspires People of All Ages

Olympic bronze medallist Judy Amoore Pollock is still running at 81, taking part in her local parkrun and others across the country_parkrun

Photo Courtesy of Judy Amoore Pollock/Parkrun

Meet Amoore Pollock, an 81-year-old runner from Melbourne, Australia. Currently residing in the coastal town of Port Fairy, South Western Victoria, Amoore Pollock is a former world record holder and bronze Olympic medalist.

Even at the age of 81, when most people have some health-related issues, especially involving joint pain, Judy Amoore Pollock continues to go for runs in her local park and across the country.

While people half her age are too busy in their social lives, this woman, with a zeal and passion for sports is continuing to be an inspiration for the younger generation.

Judy in her good spirits doing what she loves- going out for a run! Courtesy of Judy Amoore Pollock/Parkrun

Amoore Pollock on an Olympic Podium

Amoore grew up in the small town of Mount Macedon in the Northwest of Melbourne. At that time, there were very few running tracks for athletes like Amoore except a 100-meter strip that her father had mowed for her in their paddock.

In her teenage years, she went to Mentone Athletic Club to train and see how well she could compete in a race.

Later, after several years of practice, with the help of her German coach Henri Schubert who helped and guided her in the techniques to perform better, she participated in the Olympics for the first time.

In 1964, she participated in the Tokyo Olympics and became a bronze medalist by winning a 400-meter run with her Australian teammate who won the gold medal.

Amoore’s World Records

Judy Amoore Pollock with other fellow racers. Courtesy of Judy Amoore ollock/Parkrun
Judy Amoore Pollock (far right) with other fellow racers. Courtesy of Judy Amoore Pollock/Parkrun

Judy Amoore Pollock soon became queen of the track and for good reason.

In early 1965, she broke the world record for the 440-yard run. About a year later, she went on to win a gold medal for 440-yard runs and a silver medal for 880-yard run at the Commonwealth Games in Jamaica.

Her breaking of world records doesn’t end here. In 1967, she broke the 800 meter and 800-yard world record. She was praised all over the world and became an athletic star.

Amoore Pollock’s “Joggle”

Amoore Pollock who once had enough stamina to run at her best speed is not letting any limitations stop her from doing what she loves, which is to run.

Even though her bones are more vulnerable to injuries now and her stamina isn’t quite the same due to aging, Amoore doesn’t consider it a normal day if she doesn’t go for a run.

While her not-as-strong body doesn’t allow her to do full-fledged runs like she used to, she still gets out there and instead jogs and shuffles.  A version of running she calls a “joggle”.

The Port Fairy Parkrun

Amoore has been doing Parkruns for quite some time now.

She claims that she has completed about 90 park runs on the five kilometers course of Port Fairy.

She sometimes doubts many people know her because according to her she is “so old that they haven’t heard of her”. Amoore says: “Sometimes, I’ll be running along, and someone will run past and say ‘oh, good job, well done!’ and I think only if you knew how old my legs are and how many miles they have run.”

The Port Fairy Parkrun is not the only parkrun Amoore has turned up to. She’s also participated in Saturday morning runs in Wangaratta, Ballina, Dubbo, Bundaberg, as well as Airlie Beach.

Timothy Marshall on Amoore Pollock

It was Timothy Marshall  who was behind the initiation of Port Fairy Parkrun. Timothy said that the support of an Athlete who went to three world Olympics is one of the main reasons behind Port Fairy Parkrun’s success.

While talking about Judy Amoore Pollock he said, “She is an inspiration at this age and she’s still taking part.” He talked about how it’s such a gleeful feeling when you are next to someone who takes joy in other people.

According to ABC news, “He also said, how he thinks back at the history of the (inspirational) things she (Amoore Pollock) has done.”

Public Response

Amoore Pollock was well praised among her peers during the time she was actively participating in Global sports events but now she’s praised by almost all of the Port Fairy and by many people online.

Judy with other Parkrunners. Courtesy of Parkrun

She made several headlines during the past few days over how much an inspiration she is for young athletes.  They look up to her as an example for their own athleticism and determination as well as a way to encourage their grandparents to go for at least a fresh morning walk.

Duncan Huntsdale, the sports journalist for ABC News, took over to Twitter and talked about Amoore Pollock’s undeniable impact on athletes.

He tweeted: “A lifetime of running & still out there setting an example for people of all ages. 81-year-old Olympic medalist, Judy Amoore Pollock is an inspiration & has many great stories.”

Let Judy Amoore Pollock remind us all that the only limitation we have are those that we place on ourselves!


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