Community Comes Together to Help a Local Mechanic’s Sick Dog

Bear Go FundMe

The world could have a little more compassion and kindness - especially in the tough times we are going through!

It is easy to get started with your usual routine in the morning and get caught up in your worries that you may forget to check on those around you.

We might need a little direction on random acts of kindness, or maybe we need to be inspired by someone else's kindness. One great example is Jerri Baker, who has raised the spirits of his neighborhood with his heart of gold.

Being the youngest son of the family Baker moved to Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico, a long time ago with his wife and served as a mechanic for 20 years.

Since then, Jerri Baker has been living for others and helping many vulnerable people in their hour of need. He mentions that he is always relying on his faith. Baker believes that God is always calling him to be a helping hand to others.

With that intention, Baker has fixed and even donated vehicles for free to those who have no source of transportation in the city. Most importantly, he would always refuse to take any money in return.

His actions would always leave them in awe and disbelief at his unconditional kindness.

Baker said that he knows what it feels like to be living without a vehicle and struggle to earn money because this is something he had experienced in his younger age. He has stated that seeing smiles on people's faces brought him so much joy.

Kindness always finds a way back and this time, Jerri Baker was shown kindness from his community when his beloved dog, Bear, got sick.

After a visit to the Vet, it was advised that Bear have immediate surgery to remove a tumor that was found. As most pet owners know surgery of any kind can be very expensive, especially emergency surgery.

Jerri posted a status about the situation and schedule of his dog’s immediate surgery on a neighborhood app, NextDoor.

To his surprise, many neighbors and friends who saw the post and were touched by Baker’s kindness in the past showered him with sweet prayers for his dog’s fastest recovery.

Additionally, he started receiving donations through the online fundraising campaign he set up on Go Fund Me.  The sole purpose of this fundraiser was to raise money to help pay for the surgery and the bill for the hospital where his dog was under treatment.

A few members of the community even donated directly to the vet clinic, Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center, where Bear was admitted for her surgery.

The dog’s surgery turned out to be successful with everyone’s unconditional prayers and support. Baker kept updating them about his adorable dog’s recovery progress. She is now happy, jumping around, eating, and on the way to being healthy once again.

Jerri Baker, who became the light for many helpless people, got the sweet taste of his random acts of kindness to the people.  He is indeed an inspiration for all!

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