DoorDash Driver Saves Customer’s Life

DoorDash Driver Saves Customer’s Life

Sophia Furtado, a 26-year-old unsung heroine didn’t know what fate had brought her on the evening of February 11.

As the sky was getting darker and her shift was about to be completed, she not only delivered a pizza order but also saved a life.

Just as she reached the address to deliver a Papa Gino’s Pizza, she found the customer, Caryn Herbert Sullivan lying on the front door motionless with blood all around her body.

Furtado's quick thinking and exceptional selfless behavior set a perfect example for saving human life as well as doing your job. Keep reading for the complete story.

Sophia Furtado, a Doordash Driver

Sophia Furtado, aged 26 is a DoorDash rider who delivers orders to customers with fast service. Furtado has a fiancé, Bobby, and two children namely Hazel (aged 8) and Chayce (aged 4).

During an interview, Furtado told how she wanted to be a paramedic but gave up on that dream because of two reasons: one, she failed the National Registry Certification Test. Two, she thought being a paramedic wouldn’t give her enough money to look after her two young children.

According to Sofia Furtado, being a paramedic would not earn her enough money to feed her family.

That’s why she started her career at the DoorDash company. It is not only because of the flexible work hours but also a pretty handsome amount of money.

Details of the Scene

According to the details of the incident, Hebert Sullivan was outside while she was waiting for her pizza delivery. She suddenly fell unconscious around 10 pm on the driveway.

A few minutes later, Sophia Furtado, the DoorDash delivery rider reached and after discovering the situation, quickly rushed to Herbert’s house to inform her husband.

Herbert’s husband had been fast asleep, Furtado told CNN.

Furtado immediately called 911 and told all the details calmly even though she had been freaking out because she didn't know how much more minutes Hebert had.

She estimated that Hebert had been lying there for around 15 minutes because her blood had started to congeal.

Furtado, in such a short time, managed to stop Hebert's bleeding, put a blanket over her to keep her safe from cold, and stabilized Hebert’s neck to save her from a potential spinal injury.

She left after she made sure that Hebert had been taken to a hospital.

“She is my Guardian Angel.”

According to Hebert, her knee had just given out and she had been walking with the banisters but still, she slipped, CNN reports.

She also said that she had just recently injured her arm and knee. Hebert said that the last thing she remembers was her lying in the driveway and seeing a lot of white clouds.

Hebert’s brain had been bleeding in two spots. Her neurologist told her that she had only 10 more minutes to live. Hebert thanked Sophia Furtado and said, “she’s my guardian angel.”

Jillian Jodoin, an Officer in Fairhaven Police Department

Jillian Jodoin, an officer in the Fairhaven police department in an email to the Washington Post praised Sophia for her act of determination to save a human life.

According to him, what Sophia did that night wasn’t an easy thing and not everyone could do that.

He recalled his life experience and how he has discovered people either walk or run away, drive away or simply just watch such scenes instead of lending a helping hand.

Robert Sullivan, Hebert's Husband

Herbert’s husband, Robert Sullivan has been super thankful to Sophia.

He said, “Had she be not been there and informed me, I would’ve never known that Herbert had been lying on the floor with blood all around her. If any of us were a few minutes late, Hebert would’ve not been here with us.”

According to CNN, After Herbert’s condition became stable, her husband reached out to DoorDash to ask for Sophia Furtado’s number so that he could express how grateful he had been to Sophia for being there on the scene as a guardian angel and saving the life of his wife.

DoorDash's statement

DoorDash expressed pride over having an employee like Sophia. According to a source, they called Sophia’s care and quick response nothing less than “heroic”.

According to DoorDash’s statement, they find it very honorable to be able to show appreciation for Furtado’s exceptional efforts and service.

The Aftermath

Sophia Furtado has been praised for saving human life and not just quietly escaping from the scene as most people of her age would do. Furtado is hopeful about the future of her family.

She told the interviewer that she will go back to school to continue once her family’s financial condition is better.

Furtado’s experience with saving a human life affirmed to her again that she still wants to pursue her goal of helping humanity and becoming a paramedic.

Sophia received $1000 as an educational grant from the DoorDash company. With this financial aid that she received, she’s hopeful about all her dreams coming true again.

The Fairhaven Police Department presented Sophia with a lifesaving award as well as a grant on April 20.

A local emergency service reached out to Sophia and offered her a much-discounted rate to enlist in their emergency medical training program.

Public Response

Sophia Furtado has been praised by not only several newspapers and media outlets but also people all over the internet.

One Twitter user (@meca878) mentioned DoorDash and tweeted: “@DoorDash thank you #SophiaFurtado for your heroic gesture during your recent pizza delivery! We need more people like you in this world.”

Similar Occurrences

A similar occurrence happened in the United Kingdom. An Asda worker saved a customer’s life who had been lying in the cold on the ground for three days.

Simon Gilbert, a delivery driver, helped save a man’s life after he fell backward and hit his head on a sink in a flat.

The 35-year-old Asda worker was in the middle of Asda delivery when he realized the person was in dire need of help. He tried calling him but he didn’t get a response.

After a few attempts, he heard a faint voice and discovered that the person had mobility issues. Gilbert called the emergency services and made sure the person reached a hospital where he could be treated.


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