It Only Takes One Letter to Change a Person’s Life

Feel Good Stories - Letter to Change a Persons Life

Photo Credit: KTLM/Facebook

It’s been almost two years since Allison Bond wrote her first letter.

“I was out of school for two weeks or more because a lot of people had COVID, and I was like, I’m going to make a difference in this world by writing a bunch of letters to people.”

It was a random thought, but it led to a mission that would change Allison’s life. As someone diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy, it doesn’t take much for a random stranger to see the disability instead of the person.

Allison started writing to sick children, soldiers, and prisoners because people often look at them on the surface first instead of seeing the actual person. That led to the creation of Kindness Through Letters.

Letters Started Coming Back Immediately

It might have been a random thought that started this mission, but Allison credits her grandmother's advice before passing away as the foundation of this effort. “She told me to keep doing something good.”

Allison says the only purpose for writing more than 1,000 letters so far is to spread God’s love and kindness throughout the world. “My goal with this mission is to bless as many people as I can while slowly expanding it into a future non-profit organization.”

Once Allison started writing the letters, the recipients began sending correspondence back to her Arkansas home. She describes the experience of receiving one as “awesome.”

“I have one framed from a soldier,” she said. “He had all of his battle buddies sign it, so I framed it so I could put it up.”

Allison keeps every letter that someone sends to her, which is a number that accumulates quickly with how many she's sent to others. The only purpose of this endeavor is to create some joy.

“I’m just trying to make a person’s day a little bit brighter,” Allison said.

There Are Pen Pals from All Around the World

When you're writing a lot of letters, the content level of each one tends to be a little short. For the recipients, what matters more than what's on the paper is the fact that someone took the time to think about them enough to send correspondence.

“My favorite pen pals are the soldiers,” Allison admits. “They are all my heroes.”

Allison has developed pen pal friendships with people in multiple states and countries through the Kindness Through Letters Mission. She exchanges regular notes with people in Japan, Russia, Iowa, Virginia, Tennessee, and other places. [[2]]

“I seriously think I’m old-fashioned because I like to write letters,” said Allison. “I just enjoy doing it!”

Her mother, Cathy, says the letter-writing efforts are doing more than shining a light in a world filled with negative news. Each time she sits to write a note, she's improving her life.

"The letters are helping her fine motor skills and in a lot of other ways," said Cathy.

The eventual goal is to have a pen pal in every country through the efforts with KTLM. [[3]]

“I’m just happy that I can brighten their day a little bit because some people are going through tough times right now,” said Allision. She’s receiving blessings by writing these letters, and the process helps her receive some in return.

Her Purpose Is to Offer Kindness and Love Where It’s Needed

Allison was born ahead of schedule – at just 25 weeks. She was barely more than a pound, but that hasn’t stopped her from finding ways to make the world a better place. We all face challenges, some bigger than others, but nothing is impossible with the proper support and mindset.

Her initial thought was to stay connected to others during the pandemic, especially since some people weren’t allowed to see their families. Allison couldn’t visit her friends from LifeStyles, the human services agency where she spends most days. Through it all, her focus remained on others instead of herself.

Allison also sends out cards to people she knows to ensure they know they’re remembered. Through KTLM, she’s sent several sympathy cards that helped at the moment, so she’s been inspired to do even more. [[4]]

One day, Allison plans to travel the world. Until that happens, her letters will do the work for her.



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