Mile Marker 7 Coffee Tells a Story with Every Cup

Mile Marker 7 Coffee Tells a Story with Every Cup

Traveling I-25 through New Mexico takes you from Las Cruces to Santa Fe. You can keep heading north to explore Colorado’s Front Range, reach Cheyenne, and even get to Buffalo, WY, before running out of road.

One of the more unusual names you’ll find on that journey is Truth or Consequences, NM. It’s right off the Elephant Butte Reservoir. The town decided to change its name in 1950 after the radio show that went by the same moniker. It was part of a contest. Host Ralph Edwards said he’d broadcast the show from whatever town changed its name first, and this community won. [[1]]

Edwards would continue to visit Truth or Consequences during the first weekend of May for the next 50 years. It developed into a town festival that included a parage, a beauty contest, and a stage show. [[2]]

It’s worth stopping here for more than a bit of quirky history. When you need to recharge after a long day of driving, you can find Mile Marker 7 Coffee here.

An Unassuming Place Delivers More Than an Energy Boost

When you see Mile Marker 7 Coffee, you definitely know you’re in the Southwest. The only mural to the left of the doorway that shows a steaming cup of joe with a “7” rising from it is a nice touch.

Once you step inside, you’ll feel the love and a family-style atmosphere waiting to serve you. The company serves bagels, soups, and teas in addition to specialty coffee.

Every coffee shop has a menu, but you’ll want to flip over the one that’s found at this business. You’ll get to read the story that helped to create this favorite local stop in Truth or Consequences.

The Story of How Mile Marker 7 Coffee Began.
The Story of How Mile Marker 7 Coffee Began. Photo Credit: www.facebook.com/MM7Coffee

The story began on January 24, 2013. “It is a day that my family will never forget,” says Tiffany Archuleta-Ferland, the owner of Mile Marker 7 Coffee. [[3]]

“Mile Marker Seven is where God decided to save my sister’s life in a car accident.”

Her sister, Crystal Archuleta, had the most severe injuries during the accident. She lost her ability to walk. Archuleta says that if it weren’t for the circumstances that she went through during that time, she doesn’t know that she’d see how important it is to love, encourage, and inspire others.

“Even in the darkest days, you can still be the light,” says Tiffany.

Her sister echoes that sentiment. “On my darkest day, I needed to be my own light. Everyone has experienced their own Mile Marker Seven or a crossroads in life. It’s never too late to be your own light.”

That journey led to the decision to take a risk and start a new business during the COVID surge. Their first day of business was October 19, 2020.

The Power of Faith Can Move Mountains

The family behind Mile Marker Seven quickly credits their faith for their resilience, and that’s a trend we can see in many communities around the world.

A person’s faith doesn’t need to be in a divine being to give them strength. Many cultural and religious traditions incorporate components of prayer, meditation, or looking inward to find emotional or physical healing.

When people meditate, there can be a significant reduction in resting and ambulatory blood pressure. It alters serotonin and melatonin levels, boosts immune responses, and promotes a more positive mood state.

Prayer creates similar effects on the body. When compared to placebo, clinically significant treatment gains have been observed for multiple conditions. [[4]]

Another element of faith is to go the extra mile for someone. At Mile Marker 7 Coffee, one of the ways they do that is by offering a high school senior sponsorship. In 2022, the coffee shop is selecting four students to receive a gift basket, a $25 gift card to the shop, and a $250 check. All they ask is for students to answer two questions.

  1. Who inspires you and why?
  2. How do you inspire others, or how do you plan to inspire others?

The only way to win the award if you’re selected is to receive your diploma or offer proof of graduation. That way, they’re encouraging students to follow through with their word while giving them a much-needed financial boost at this important time in their lives.

Anyone can choose to look for negative things and probably find them in the people they meet. You can also do the same by trying to find the positive attributes of each person. At Mile Marker 7 Coffee, you’ll find a family business that transformed a potential tragedy into a place where the community can grow and be energized by their faith, smiles, and caffeine.


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