Miranda Lambert Donates $20,000 to Animal Shelters

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The 38-year-old country star never fails to wow her fans by expressing her soft spot for animals. It's no secret that Miranda Lambert had much love in her heart for animals since she was a teenager.

Lambert's devotion to rescuing animals, especially dogs, has deep roots in her life and family. Rescuing animals was like a dream that she cherished forever.

To that end, Miranda Lambert donated $20,000 to animal shelters across the U.S. Lambert but she didn't just hand off the huge amount to one organization; instead, the Grammy winner pledged $1000 among 20 different shelters to rescue stray pets.

The Lump-Sum Donation is Nothing Other than Lambert's Valentine's Day Celebration

While everyone was busy impressing their lovers, the "Tin Man" hitmaker spreads the love to her favorite furry friends.

FOX 17 reports Lambert stating "Shelter pets, especially the ones that are hardest to get adopted and the people who care for them, have always had my heart."

In honor of the February holiday, the shelters that received the $1,000 gift span across 20 states and stretch from Connecticut, Maine, to California, including Lambert's current home state of Tennessee. (Massouleh 2022) With this contribution, she hopes to support shelter pets and individuals who tirelessly work at sanctuaries to keep their environment healthiest and safe.

"Valentine's Day gives me one more chance to show just how special they all are to me," per FOX 17. (Bjornson)

Mutt Nation

Lambert consciously devotes her downtime to volunteering at shelters which clearly shows animal advocacy plays an integral role in her life. The cause of volunteering at shelters remained dearest to her. Lambert, a lifelong animal lover, expressed her two passions, mutts, and music, on multiple occasions.

So it comes as no surprise that Lambert co-founded the non-profit organization MuttNation with her mother Bev in 2009 to provide free and safe homes to pets by promoting adoptions.  The foundation's online mission statement explains, "Miranda's love for animals has always been an important part of who she is. While volunteering at local shelters, she adopted her first pup Delilah as a companion when she started touring".

Through this foundation, she has been helping shelter pets and rescue animals to find their forever homes. In 2020, she raised funds through MuttNation to cover vet bills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organization also aims to provide awareness for shelter animals' plight by supporting spay and neuter initiatives. It assists pet owners through monetary donations. It also provides transport assistance for animals during emergencies and hands-on volunteering opportunities.

The Mutt Match Quiz

She celebrated the holiday by launching an online quiz to help find people their perfect "Mutt Match" based on their lifestyle and personality. Those who take this opportunity and post their results have a chance to win two tickets to see Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town on the Bandwagon Tour.

Lambert wrote: "Happy Valentine's Day yall! @muttnation is celebrating today by helping you find your mutt match! Go to http://quiz.muttnation.com to see which mutt is best for you." Check out Lambert's full post here

In addition to her V-Day donation, Lambert posted a video of herself and her dog on Instagram to encourage others to find their fur babies. She shared a sweet story of her " mutt match" to kick off the quiz. The lovely video featured the "Over You" singer with her rescue animals, which demonstrates just how much she adores her puppy pals.

In the clip, Lambert introduces her pup Delta Dawn, a nearly 15 years old adorable pug and chihuahua mix. Lambert says out of her love for a pup, "We are the perfect match because she has been through a lot in her life, and she is a road dog." Meet Delta Dawn and watch their story here (Bjornson)

Lambert adds that she found Delta Dawn outside the Sonic Drive-In in Oklahoma. She jokes that she went for a cherry limeade at the fast-food restaurant but left with a Chugg.

In the video, the superstar pet parent further says, "Kind of like her mom, she likes to travel. She's down for anything, and she has a great personality," adding, "She has my whole heart."

Lambert's extensive four-legged family, including five cats, nine rescue dogs, two rabbits, and five horses, is impressive, and Delta Dawn is just one member of this family.

The quiz was promoted on Monday, 14 February, through the MuttNation Twitter account. It wrote, "It's #ValentinesDay & we're here to help you find your paw-fect #MuttMatch! Pit mixes, large dogs, dogs w/ disabilities & senior dogs consistently get overlooked in shelters. Take our quiz to find out which of these would be best suited for your life, so you can #LoveHarder!"

Click here to help a dog who is easy to love but harder to adopt.

Achieving Her Mission

Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com
Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

For over a decade the boss lady, nominated for several accolades at the Academy of Country Music Awards, has been helping dogs have a happy and safe place to call home through Muttnation's different programs.

As a part of the share the love program last Valentine's Day, Lambert also gave out $1,000 to 15 animal shelters. The program keeps on eclipsing every year, with 2,000 participants in 2019 and 500 in 2018. Over 14,000 participants took part in 2021 to provide animal shelter.

Last Valentine's Day, Lambert made a statement, "Shelter pets and the people who care for them have the biggest hearts, and sharing the love for Valentine's Day feels so right."

Do your part by becoming a part of the Muttnation family and donate to help dogs in need find their forever homes. Click here to join.



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