NarrativeDx Offers Innovation in Healthcare and Wins AI Excellence Award

NarrativeDx Offers Innovation in Healthcare and Wins AI Excellence Award

NarrativeDx is a patented NLP (natural language processing) technology from Press Ganey. It is built to work with the specific language needs of healthcare settings, using AI capabilities to actionize or process structured and unstructured data.

Six patents are part of NarrativeDx. By understanding the feedback from healthcare-specific sources more readily, patients, doctors, insurance providers, and more can experience improved service delivery and care.

The Business Intelligence Group named NarrativeDx a winner in its 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards.

NarrativeDx Uses AI to Review Information from Multiple Sources

NarrativeDx works by analyzing and consolidating comments from multiple sources. It operates with a simple platform with intuitive controls so that its adoption is straightforward. Not only does this help every voice get heard, but it also focuses on multiple information categories to ensure entire data volumes receive attention.

“NarrativeDx is best-in-class because it was built from the ground up for the language of healthcare,” said Kyle Robertson, Vice President at Press Ganey. “I’m proud that this award recognizes our continued investment in NarrativeDx and our unique ability to identify what matters most in the healthcare experience. [[1]]

When medical providers invest in NarrativeDx, they receive four essential benefits.

  1. Each Voice Gets Heard. NarrativeDx can capture, consolidate, and organize patient comments verbatim from multiple sources. This information is then accessible through a centralized platform.
  2. Get to the Heart of the Issue. The analytics intelligence incorporated into NarrativeDx ensures that the “why” behind each patient rating is understood. This benefit ensures direct resources receive accurate deliveries while providers guide patients forward along their treatment plan improvement efforts.
  3. Reduce Hidden Costs. NarrativeDx allows organizations to avoid the manual steps of data collection, review, and distribution. The process becomes automated, allowing for a better understanding of what patients need.
  4. Pinpoint Specific Categories. With NarrativeDx, providers have access to over 5,000 categories and themes. This structure ensures that a specific experience or common issues receive a review.

“This award is a testament to NarrativeDx’s comprehensive abilities to leverage AI and machine learning to get to the heart of issues quickly for our clients,” Darren Dworkin said. He serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at Press Ganey.

“Helping our clients transform feedback into clear and actionable insights is the key to effectively and efficiently improving the overall healthcare experience.

It Is the First Year for the AI Excellence Awards Program

Business Intelligence Group introduced the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards to recognize people, products, and organizations that bring AI to life. [[3]]

Four awards were handed out to recognize the major types of artificial intelligence in the marketplace. The categories were self-awareness, theory of mind, limited memory, and reactive machines.

NarrativeDx was named as one of the 65 product winners for 2022. Six people and 26 companies also received awards for their work in this area.

“We are so proud to name NarrativeDx as a winner in our inaugural AI Excellence Awards program,” said Business Intelligence Group’s Chief Nominations Officer Maria Jimenez. “It was clear to our judges that NarrativeDx uses AI to improve the healthcare experience.”

Business Intelligence Group has the mission to recognize talent and those delivering superior performance outcomes in the business world. Unlike other award programs, the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards are judged by business executives with direct knowledge and experience in this field.

A proprietary scoring system provides unique data points to measure performance across multiple domains selectively, rewarding companies with achievements standing above those of their competitors.

“Artificial intelligence now plays a major role in our lives as technology expands,” said Jimenez. “We are so proud that such an incredible group won this year’s program. Congratulations to all the creativity and hard work of every employee involved.”

Why AI Could Change How We Perceive Healthcare

Artificial intelligence helps machines learn from experience. They can adjust to new inputs or even perform human-like tasks. Many of the technologies in this category rely on natural language processing and deep learning to produce results. [[4]]

Although the term was first mentioned in 1956, it took until now for computing power to reach the levels where actionable insights became possible. The first intelligent personal assistants were available to the military in 2003, and an AI assistant is currently under development. [[5]]

With deep learning breakthroughs occurring more readily, options like NarrativeDx will continue providing specific benefits for each industry. AI is not on a path to replace us or our jobs. It will complement that work we all provide others while helping customers, patients, and others solve problems more efficiently.

Anyone interested in getting a demo can contact Press Ganey directly here: https://www.pressganey.com/


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