Ohio Deputy Rescues a Dog & Woman from Frozen Pond

Deputy Saves Woman Dog

The pup that was rescued from the ice. Photo Credit: Butler County Sheriff's Office/Facebook.com

The news of a Deputy Officer rescuing a pet owner and her dog has been swarming all around the streets of Liberty Township, Ohio.

This incident took place on Sunday, February 6th. Luckily, both the woman and her dog were saved without any injuries.

Deputy Evan Depew from the County Sheriff's Office was on his 'routine patrol' duty. Around 4 p.m., a call was received at the Four Bridges that reported a dog and the owner being trapped in the ice.

Since Depew was also a team member of the Emergency Rescue Services, his quick response time and training led to a heroic save.  (Bender, 2022)

Details of the Scene

Deputy Saves Woman & Dog_Ice_ Butler County Sheriff's Office
Scene of the incident. Photo Credit: Butler County Sheriff's Office/Facebook.com

A dog and her owner were wandering near a frozen pond. Everything seemed fine until the dog ran towards the pond, breaking through the ice.

The woman crawled towards the dog and just when she was about to save it, the thin ice broke, and she was also submerged into the frozen water. (Pack, 2022)

Thankfully, Depew was capable of saving them from this risky situation. Right after receiving the call, the Deputy Officer rushed towards the scene.

According to the CAD report, Depew reports, 'Both the dog and the pet parent were suffering when he arrived on the scene. The way the owner was holding her dog while sinking there warms the hearts of many. Just then, the Officer crawled close enough to grab the ankle of the lady and pulled her out of the pond and back to shore.'

The lady was willing to save her dog at the risk of her own life, just like a mother yearns to save her child.

After being saved, the woman and her dog were wrapped in a blanket. Medical professionals carefully examined them and took great care. Luckily, both got out of the pond without any physical injuries!

The Deputy Officer shared some photos of the broken ice and the little dog wrapped up in the blanket as shown in this article. Viewers who have heard the story or have seen the photos have been sending their prayers to the little cub and his owner.

Deputy Evan Depew

Butler County Sheriff's Office has been serving the community since 1803.  Butler County is Ohio’s eighth-most populous county, with Richard K. Jones is serving as 45th Sheriff of the county. BCSO has subsections in which different people are serving in divisions. (About BCSO » Butler County Sheriff's Office, n.d.)

Deputy Evan Depew is an Officer serving in the Operations section of Liberty Township, Ohio. One of Deputy Depew's roles is in regulating the law enforcement services properly. But apart from this, Depew is also a member of the Emergency Rescue Service Center. Hence why Deputy Evan Depew has been able to save so many lives.

With the strict technical training in all types of rescues, he has the skills to overcome almost any incidence that arises. And because of the work he has accomplished in his role, many in the town consider him as their hero!

To no surprise, after people began learning about his latest rescue mission, Deputy Depew was highly praised. One person wrote: "Thank you for your quick response in saving the two!!!" Another commented, "What a tragedy that could have been!!! So grateful for this Deputy and his heroic act! God bless him".

Similar Incidence

Though everyone appreciated the Officer for his bravery, it was not the first time Depew took action, reported by WKRC.

In the last few days of January, a women's German Shepherd also fell into the pond water while chasing a flock of ducks. When Depew arrived on the scene, he immediately pulled the dog out of the water.

Although he had never encountered such an incident before, he was well-trained for this type of rescue as well.

A few days later, while scrolling through the agency's social media page, Depew commented:

"It's a good day at work. Not every day is a good day at work, but knowing [I'm] helping people, doing what I want to do, makes me feel good."

Butler County Sheriff, Richard K. Jones said, 'This situation is the reason why it's important to give technical rescue training to the Officers. The instant response with brief knowledge, skills, and equipment is all that's required to make a difference.'

This life-saving mission of the Deputy Officer is surely remarkable. Because of that, Butler County Sheriff's Office is considering putting more attention on the technical training of rescuers.

What To Do in These Situations

In many cities across the country, the weather keeps changing and is expected to vary a lot. If you are in a city that has chilling winters, please be aware that there is a risk of ice-breaking incidents such as this.

If you notice any incident nearby, call 911 for immediate help!

If your dog has fallen into thin ice or frigid water, call 911 and do your best to stay calm.  As best you can wait patiently for the trained rescuers to arrive and don’t put yourself in harm's way by trying to rescue your pet yourself.

Should such an incident occur, it is recommended for owners to take their pets immediately to a veterinarian hospital. They may need extra medical attention since falling into freezing water can cause paleness and may even lead to hypothermia if left too long without treatment.

Not to worry, the team of rescuers at the scene, just like Deputy Deprew, will help guide you every step of the way.


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