Pet Photo Contest Raises $48,000 for Local Animal Shelters

Pet Photo Contest

Resurgence Brewing Company teamed up with local animal shelters in the Buffalo metro area to raise some money to support their needs. It’s the second year that the brewers put cute animals on their beer cans to raise funds.

The brewing company teamed with the city’s animal shelter and the Ten Lives Club to find the best cat and dog to feature on their cans.

Community members vote on the best picture in each category, and a dollar from each vote gets donated to the two shelters.

This year’s efforts raised $48,000 to support local pets. [[1]]

The Winners Received over 12,000 Combined Votes

Jameson won the cat category with 2,700 votes. Sarah Palkowski rescued him and his brother after they were nearly euthanized at only three weeks because of their health issues. One of the volunteers at the shelter in Nigeria helped to nurse him back to health.

Jameson is an orange and white tabby who is mostly blind.

“Jameson is an inspiration, even with his disabilities,” said Palkowski. “He shows that rescued animals can live their best life with a good home and a loving family.”

“No one, animal or human, should be ashamed or judged because of a physical flaw,” added Palkowski.

Sven won the dog category this year, receiving almost 9,900 votes. He is a WNY Heroes service dog who defended his title from the year before.

Jason Dent says that being part of the experience with his dog for two consecutive years has been an incredible experience.

“The Resurgence to the Rescue photo contest has brought awareness to the Pawsitive for Heroes program and the relationships it has built along the way,” said Dent. “We have gained many sponsors, veterans inquiring about service dogs, and friends.”

Why Do Animal Shelters Need Support?

Animal shelters in the United States provide homes for up to 6.3 million cats and dogs, but that population represents approximately 10% of the stray population. [[2]]

Although many facilities are moving to a no-kill policy, there are still shelters where animals are given a specific time limit for adoption before being euthanized. About 15% of those who don’t find a home are less than five months old.

More than 10,000 rescue groups are active in the United States, with countless more globally, but they cannot protect each life. Shelters also take in family pets that get lost. 87% of dogs get reunited with their owners, but only 13% of cats achieve the same fate. [[3]]

How Can I Help My Local Animal Rescues and Shelters?

The Resurgence to the Rescue is one of several projects across the country that work to raise money for local shelters. Participating in these events or donating directly to rescues or shelters is a fast and easy way to support local animals.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a pet to your family, think about adopting one from a local rescue or group. Each organization has different adoption processes to follow, so if you’re not comfortable with them, check the rules for another group.

Some people don't have money to donate, but they do have extra time. Volunteering for one day per week, even if it is only for a couple of hours, can make things better. From dog walkers to carpenters, there's always something to do!

Animal shelters and rescues always need supplies. Toys, towels, food, and other items are often placed on wish lists. If you cannot find one, call to ask what they're running short on or offer to create a list for them that others can access.

You can make a shelter's job easier when a pet is with your family. Dogs and cats with collars, a microchip, and ID tags are much easier to return home if they get lost. All pets should be spayed or neutered, and cats should be indoors unless taken on walks outside or given a protective "catio" to use. Having a dog on a leash for a walk can prevent escapes.

Animal shelters and rescues don't always have the resources they need to provide the help a community requires. Every little bit of assistance you can offer will help.

Resurgence holds a launch party for the brews with the pets on their cans in July, with Sven and Jameson stealing the show this year. More information is available on their Facebook page. [[4]]



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