This Organization Helps Mothers and Daughters Rise from Adversity

Beauty from their ashes

Beauty From Their Ashes is a group of mothers and daughters who have dealt with the impact that trauma brings. With this experience, their goal is to help others by coming to each person from a place of compassion and empathy.

“We have walked this walk,” said Synethia Bland, Marketing Director for Going Deeper LLC. “We have already learned how to manage the challenges that a trauma-impacted mother faces each day. Our goal is to communicate that you’re never on this journey alone.”

Everyone goes through adversity. This group hopes to communicate to mothers and daughters that they can rise from these trials to reach places of beauty. Bland says that by providing guidance, hope, and love, women can embrace their faith because empathy and compassion are restored in their lives.

God uses broken women to help other broken women,” said Liliana Trafficante. She is a certified life coach, chaplain, and CBT provider. When someone hires her through Beauty from Their Ashes, 10% of her speaking fee goes back to mothers or daughters in need.

Trafficante is praised for being a defender of the truth. “The best teachers come from life,” she says.

Why Start Beauty From Their Ashes?

“I scroll through my social media, and I see others in pain,” wrote Trafficante on her LinkedIn profile. “Homeless, abused, facing chronic illness. They all have one thing in common: people are tired of them.”

“No one gives an encouraging word. No one pays attention, like illness and poverty are a choice.”

When Trafficante found her faith, she said her journey became more difficult. Turning away women in need was not something she could fathom doing, so she poured all her resources into this organization.

“I opened my eyes today, and I got up, and I did what I needed to do to help myself out because somewhere out there is a mother who cannot find that strength,” she said.

Trafficante says that when people pray, God isn’t saying, “there you go again,” or “there’s another problem coming my way,” or “oh, I already helped them last month.” She believes that many more people would be in trouble if that were the case.

“You know that in your secret closet, you still have ashes. Just because the world can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Some of us just choose to be more transparent.”

By showing women how they can rise like a phoenix, the ashes don’t need to be the end of their stories. It can be the beginning of something new.

Mothers and Daughters Receive Emergency Funding and More

When mothers or daughters have financial needs, Beauty From Their Ashes is there to provide immediate assistance.

The organization routinely meets needs in the range of $20 to $150 provided through ZELLE. They hope to offer more through their storefront and speaking arrangements as more sales occur. Each payment is considered a grant, not a loan, so no one needs to worry about paying someone back.

As the organization’s website says, “God rewards those who open their hands to be a blessing.”

One of the easiest ways to support this organization is by purchasing cosmetics.

Cosmetics By Diana Bellerose is the sales partner for Beauty From Their Ashes. The Victorious by Diana lineup provides 5% of sales to the emergency fund, offering financial relief to mothers and daughters in need.

The organization has also created its own brand called Compassion Cosmetics. The first products were made available for sale in March. When you purchase these items, 85% of the sales go to women deeply and directly impacted by trauma.

Several items are available, including blush, BB cream, concealer, lip scrub, and anti-aging serum. The products are all handmade with all-natural ingredients, with the goal of creating skin products for everyone.

Prices range from about $10 to $40. You can use ShopPay to pay in four interest-free installments if the order is over $50.

Help Can Be Right Around the Corner

The team at Beauty From Their Ashes has found ways to rise from their circumstances to be stronger. They are living testaments of what is possible in this life.

Many of them are helping others recognize the opportunities they had to find alone.

Women can accomplish anything when they are strong, work hard, and stay determined not to be defeated. Those behind this organization teach others how to believe in themselves, even after traumatic circumstances, so that they can chase their dreams again.

More information is available at https://www.beautyfortheirashes.org.