Two Love Birds Fell for Each Other Across a Frozen Continent!

Two Love Birds Fell for Each Other Across a Frozen Continent!

Have you ever heard a love story so sweet and warm that it could melt the iciest of mountains?

Well, we have got you covered with a real-life fairytale about two polar explorers, Dr. Natasha Behrendorff and Peter Boyle, whose love for nature brought them together on the frozen continent of Antarctica.

Both explorers are members of the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) who were assigned unique expeditions related to their fields of specialty.  It began when Dr. Natasha Behrendorff started taking a bus whose daily commute was to pick up the trainees from their hotel and drop them at the Australian Antarctic Division headquarters.

Peter Boyle, who also took that bus, was intrigued by Natasha on their very first encounter. Dr. Behrendorff was a great observer so according to her, as soon as Peter stepped onto the bus, he was infatuated. She recognized that he was smiling at her throughout the journey so she finally broke the ice and started a conversation with him. They hit it off immediately.

In no time, the lovers became so invested with each other. When they were not working, they spent their time sightseeing in Tasmania. They had a good time with each other until their separate postings at Casey and Davis Research Stations came, putting 1400 kilometers distance between them.

Most might say that having a long-distance relationship can become hard and that living miles away from each other can take you to the land of despair. However, Boyle revealed that they were content with their long-distance relationship and were able to keep the spark between each other alive.

Thanks to the modern marvels of technology and satellite internet connection that made the long-distance bearable, they were good at keeping the heat of their relationship via daily text messages, phone calls, and video calls.

With a smile on his face and blushed cheeks, Boyle revealed that they used to arrange virtual dinner dates and even dress up for each other. The couple had to spend almost a year and a half apart, a total of 500 days, building their relationship without any physical contact.

Their days of living without each other eventually came to an end as they returned to their homes in Australia, where they moved in together. However, this did not last long. The frozen continent, Antarctica, called them to duty again with Boyle traveling to Casey’s Research Station and Dr. Behrendorff stepping onto the resupply ship, where she would act as the vessel's medical specialist.

Although their stay in Antarctica was short this time around, Boyle did not want the reunion with his lover to go in vain.  He planned to surprise Natasha with something she’d never forget, a marriage proposal. Not only would it be a moment the two of them would remember for the rest of their lives but with their proposal going viral, the whole world would remember it too.

What makes Boyle's proposal even more special is that he did it at the same spot where they met for the first time.  Boyle revealed that as he was about to execute the proposal plan, he started to look for the locations which would be the best fit for this occasion. In his search, he went down the wharf on the shore. He was able to see a colony of penguins surrounded by breathtaking and gorgeous snowy hills. He knew in his heart that this was the romantic spot he was looking to ask her to be his wife.

Everyone around them was already aware of what was going to happen. The idea of a surprise proposal plan spread quickly like an epidemic in that station. And, when the time came to reveal the proposal, Dr. Behrendorff was already prepared with her answer, a resounding YES!

Dr. Behrendorff said that Boyle is like an open book and thus could not hide his emotions. To that end, she already had some clues in her mind about what Boyle was up to and about his intentions, especially when he started asking her about her ring size.

Now that both of the soul mates are united both physically and on a deeper level, they have only a few months left in Antarctica before they begin planning for their big day and creating their lives together forever back at home.

Watch as they tell their magical love story here