400-Year-Old Company Donates 100 Mattress Toppers to Homeless Youth

400-Year-Old Company Donates 100 Mattress Toppers to Homeless Youth

Piana Technology has been serving people for nearly 450 years. This textile company has been at the forefront of fiber and textile innovation throughout that time, including the production of nonwoven projects.

The company was initially founded in Biella, Italy, where it began dyeing textiles in the 1950s, then opened its first factory in Cartersville, GA, in 1995.

SaveDrop® Technology and other innovations have powered today’s leading brands since 2010. In 2021, the company invented an infinitely adaptable material called E/SMART. It increases thermal and compressional resistance while staying lightweight and offering superior acoustic performance.  E/SMART can be molded to nearly any shape.

Piana recently donated over 100 mattress toppers to Covenant House Georgia, which has the mission to provide food, shelter, and crisis care to homeless youth in the area. Each product is made with this new material to provide better sleep to displaced kids. [[1]]

Covenant House Georgia Has Had a Positive Impact for 20 Years

The original Covenant House International organization was incorporated in 1972. Covenant House Georgia opened its doors in 2000.

Since then, the nonprofit organization has helped more than 19,000 youth who experience homelessness or are escaping trafficking in the greater Atlanta area.

Covenant House Georgia is more than a place to stay. The organization believes that kids and teens can heal and transform their lives by offering mentorship, counseling, inspiration, and advocacy.

Their doors are open to everyone, regardless of race, creed, gender, or circumstances.

Dr. Alie Redd, Executive Director of Covenant House Georgia, says the donation from Piana Technology will help them provide more efficient services for youth in need. “We are so grateful for this donation to refresh and renew the bedrooms available,” she said. “Beyond the immediate need, we are excited about the renewable future of these toppers in the company’s circular model. They’ll provide a good night’s sleep for decades.”

“Everybody deserves a safe and comfortable place to sleep,” said Andrea Piana, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Piana Technology. “Community involvement is a fundamental component of who we are. It is not enough to create technological advancements for those who can afford luxury. We must also volunteer resources where we can provide the most impact in our community.”

Two Companies Aligning on Values

The individualized care management solutions that E/SMART can potentially offer reflect the same values found at Covenant House Georgia. About 60,000 total shelter nights are provided each year, and 100% of those who come seeking help receive individualized case management.

Nearly 80% of the youth who complete the Rights of Passage program offered by Covenant House Georgia exit to a permanent housing solution.

“More than 3,300 youth experience homelessness in Atlanta,” said Dr. Redd. “Nearly three-quarters of our children in these situations have witnesses or experienced violence. Our efforts are only reaching about half of those kids each year.”

The average young person is approached for trafficking or intimate contact within 72 hours of being on the streets. Only 7% of the general youth population identify as being part of the LGBTQIA+ community, but about 40% of those who do experience homeless. Many of them have already experienced abuse and violence at home, which means the streets continue the cycle. [[3]]

Covenant House Georgia wants to change those outcomes.

“We are much more than a shelter,” says the nonprofit’s website. “We provide more than a bed and a meal for youth experiencing homelessness and escaping trafficking. We show unconditional love and give comprehensive support so that our youth can and will realize their fullest potential.”

The goal is to have no youth forced to spend a night on the street. With the donation from Piana Technology, the goal is to provide a place where real rest can occur.

Piana Making an Impact On Environmental Sustainability

Piana Technology can eliminate over four million metric tons of carbon dioxide yearly by replacing the 1.3 million metric tons of PU foam that goes to landfills with E/SMART. [[2]]

E/SMART uses nontoxic and recyclable fibers with vertical lapping to provide better pressure point distribution. The product offers better airflow than other foam materials while delivering antiviral capabilities that outperform conventional products.

It weighs less than PU foam, offers superior flexibility, and even works with integrated pressure sensors to improve sleep posture and quality. Piana is working to develop this product to work as a diagnostic tool in hospital settings.

At the end of its lifespan, E/SMART is 100% reclaimable, allowing it to be molded for endless possibilities.

Those traits helped Piana win a CES 2022 Innovation Award the first year the company attended the Consumer Electronics Show.



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