Be Inspired’s Giveaway Winner Pays It Forward

Paying it forward
Patti Langston & Mrs. Anderson of Nebo Elementary

You may have seen that Be Inspired has been doing a Pay-It-Forward Summer Giveaway where we are awarding 1 lucky person with a $100 Amazon Gift Card each month for 3 months starting in August. Well, we drew our first winner, Patti Langston (shown on the right above) on August 15th and we were both amazed and inspired by what she chose to do with her winnings. Here’s her story.

Patti works as a paraprofessional in a Kindergarten class at Nebo Elementary School. She started working there when her own boys first started school, what is now going on 22 years . “I had been room mother for all four of my boys and volunteered at the school. The principal asked me, ‘Do you want a job here? You are always volunteering and buying for the classes, you should get you a job as a teacher or Paraprofessional? This would help you be able to make a little, and do what you enjoy.’ I love this school, my coworkers are friends and family to me, and the children are my joy, daily. They help keep a smile on my face and I get much love from them. As Mrs. Anderson the teacher I work with says ‘ can’t believe we get paid to do this job that we love so much.'” She noted that while she absolutey loves her job, it doesn’t pay much. Upon being notified that she was our August winner, she immedaitely replied to us saying “Yay! Thank you so much, Be inspired global! I’m thrilled to be a winner. I was entering to try to win for our Kindergarten class at school. We can always use gummies, Skittles, and treats for our surprise box at school.” 

Nebo Elementary School

As if wanting to use some of her winnings to buy treats for the kids wasn’t kind enough, she replied back a day later with:

“I was wondering if I could Pay It Forward by giving it to the teacher I work with for our class. We have a wonderful Kindergarten class and I’m wanting to use it to buy things we will be needing this year. It can be very costly, and this is a blessing!! Thanks again, Be inspired Global! You helped make my day.”

Without hesitation, we replied with a resounding absolutely, that we’d love to share your story, and thanked her for kindness. At that moment, the entire Be Inspired team felt as if we’d succeeded at achieving our mission of a domino effect of hope.

Patti continued to warm our hearts by how she responded in the next few days:

“Thank you so much! I was so excited to pay it forward to help our class with things we need or would like to have for our sweet Kindergarten class. Thank you again so much! The children were so excited when we told them we are buying goodies for their treasure box with the money I won from BeInspired Global! God bless you!”

Patti included the above photo of her class and the teacher, Mrs. Anderson, whom she paid it forward to.

Our intention in doing this summer giveaway was to spread hope and goodness into the hearts of others through our own kindness. We’d like to personally thank Patti Langston for she has just inspired hope into all of ours!!

If you would like to a participate in our Summer Pay-It Forward Giveaways (winners announced on Sept. 15th and November 15th) for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card and haven’t signed up yet, you can do so by clicking here: https://mailchi.mp/beinspired.global/summer-contest-2021