God’s Lovely Butterflies: Giving Hope to Pregnant Women and Mothers!

God’s Lovely Butterflies: Giving Hope to Pregnant Women and Mothers!

Let’s face it life can be tough sometimes. This is particularly true for a woman who has just found out she’s pregnant and feeling helpless because she is going to be a single mother and/or is homeless.  For all those mothers located in the Greater Houston Texas area God’s Lovely Butterflies Maternity Home is here to help!

The reality of life hit Darlene Kearney hard when she became a mother at 18 and found herself short of every basic necessity she needed for her daughter. She never wanted any mother to go through that terrible phase. After struggling for years, she decided to turn her struggles into hope by opening two maternity homes with a motive to uplift mothers, known as “God’s Lovely Butterflies Maternity Home”.  Here homeless, helpless teenage, single, and pregnant mothers can find food and shelter for themselves and their newborns. The mothers and their babies can live here as their own home for a year.

Being a God’s lovely butterfly, Darlene believes that “We lift by lifting others”. Therefore, uplifting women is her mission!

To fulfill her mission, her organization provides mothers with necessities like diapers, wipes, hygiene items, baby formulas, comforters, school supplies, backpacks, and many other items.

Moreover, the organization assists mothers with employment readiness, referral services, counseling services, life awareness classes, parenting classes, nutrition classes, money management, cooking classes, homebuyers education and counseling, HIV/AIDS Awareness/Prevention, and “Baby Mary” – a basic baby training. For teenage mothers, educational support is also available.

Darlene has achieved many things in her life. She is a certified community worker, author, co-author, business owner, medical assisted first aid responder, mental health tech, recovery coach, certified life coach, community health partner for the Texas Department of Human Services, notary, officiate, and licensed chemical dependency counselor intern, parenting instructor, domestic violence facilitator, Christian counselor, anger management instructor, and certified shoplifting and theft therapists.

With achieving this much in her life, she knows what is possible with a little help and a spark of hope.

Darlene Kearney is doing a phenomenal and exceptional act of kindness. Believing in the fact that “Kindness is free, sprinkle it everywhere”, she is trying to protect and save the mothers from the harsh realities of life she faced when she was a teenage mother.

People like Darlene are setting examples and inspiring others to join hands and support those in times of need. Everyone can play their part in this drive to help these moms survive with their little champs.

It’s amazing that God’s Lovely Butterflies Maternity Home is supporting a community in full-swing. Their acts of kindness include a diaper and wipes drive throughout the year. They provide baby formula, wipes and diapers to mothers in need. They serve as an emergency resource center for all baby items, women in need just have to signup and get the monthly supply of items.

Darlene Kearney’s story is truly an uplifting story that brings a sense of empathy and social awareness. There are thousands of mothers in need around the world and a small act of kindness can change the lives of many. Just like Darlene’s act of kindness is nurturing mothers and their babies in a wonderful way, we hope that all of you are inspired to help others too.

Organizations like “God’s Lovely Butterflies Maternity Home” are helping thousands of mothers in need and they do it with the help of donations. If you want to support their cause, you can join hands and donate to “God Lovely Butterflies Maternity Home” here: https://www.godslovelybutterflies.org/donate. Darlene will be so grateful for your support.

To learn more about God’s Lovely Butterflies Maternity Home please visit their website: https://www.godslovelybutterflies.org/ or explore on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/godslovelybutterfliesmaternityhome/.

Always remember.

One act of kindness can change a life. Keep spreading kindness!

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