The Hug Project- Bridging The Gap Towards Human Connection

The Hug Project- Bridging The Gap Towards Human Connection

People are starting to reconnect as the world reemerges from the pandemic, but for those individuals who are immunocompromised, in isolation, and/or are in seclusion beyond the pandemic, it still may be impossible. Cox Communications, a technology firm, wishes to be a part of the solution for families that are unable to connect in person anymore by aiding them with continuing to build genuine human connections.

Using “The Hug Project,” Cox and FCB, in cooperation with interactive fashion firm CuteCircuit, have created The HugShirt, a revolutionary technology that allows loved ones to embrace almost anywhere in the country. From its beginnings as a letter-writing campaign to encourage the deployment of troops, it has evolved into care packages including everything from canned food and candy to what is known as a “Boo-boo Kit,” which contains bandages Chapstick, and Tylenol.

Now, its purpose is to aid people in safely closing the distance between themselves and their loved ones via the use of an app. When combined with Wi-Fi, strategically placed haptic actuators and sensors, and a dedicated app, the HugShirt creates a totally new way for people to interact and hug even when they are physically distant from one another. Users can link their HugShirt to a loved one’s and share a special hug through the app, delivering the experience of physical touch and personal connection to anyone who uses it. When it comes to technology, it can be dismissed as cold; nonetheless, it is fascinating to witness a corporation employ it emotionally to create genuine human ties.

It is the latest in a series of collaborations between Cox and FCB focused at bringing personal connection to those who are in need. While the agency continues to execute and invest in data- and technology-driven innovation, this new project contributes to the agency’s overall momentum and growth.

About Cox Communications

With the help of broadband apps and services, Cox Communications is committed to building genuine human connections between people. In addition to being the largest privately-held telecommunications firm in the United States, they are also honored to serve six million households and businesses in 18 states. In addition, they are devoted to inspiring others to build a better future and to recognizing the diversity of products, people, suppliers, and communities, as well as the characteristics that distinguish them from the competition. It was founded in 1898 by Governor James M. Cox and is the world’s largest family-owned enterprise. Cox Communications is the largest component of Cox Enterprises.

About FCB

Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) is an award-winning global integrated marketing communications agency that was formed in 1873 on the principles of innovation and success. Among other honors, FCB was selected Adweek’s 2020 Worldwide Agency of the Year, Cannes Lions’ 2019 North American Creative Agency of the Year, and a top ten spot on the Ad Age A-List for 2019.

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