Recent Stories of 5 Hero Dogs Who Saved Lives

5 Hero Dogs Who Saved Lives

Dogs are our best friends. They also do an incredible job of helping people get through difficult circumstances.

These companions don’t always receive the credit they deserve for their actions. Here is a closer look at some of the most recent heroic actions dogs have taken to help save people from dangerous situations this year.

1. Daisy the Dog: Long Beach, NY

Daisy is being called a hero dog for her efforts to save a family from a recent house fire. It was the middle of the night, she was next door to the home, and she wouldn’t stop barking.

One of her owners finally got out of bed to see the commotion that got Daisy agitated. When he looked outside and saw his neighbor’s home on fire, he knew it was time to act.

The Carr family were all asleep inside the home with no idea of the inferno that was happening around them. Bennett O’Donnell, who is Daisy’s human, ran outside to bang on their doors and windows while his partner dialed 911.

Once the authorities were notified, O’Donnell worked to put out as much of the fire as they could. The Long Beach Fire Department had the blaze under control in less than 45 minutes. [[1]]

“The firemen did great,” said O’Donnell. “If it wasn’t for Daisy, it would’ve been much worse. She wouldn’t stop barking until we figured out was was going on – thank God for her.”

Daisy found her forever home in 2021.

No one is entirely sure what Daisy’s exact breed is, but O’Donnell says she has to be part Dalmatian after her heroic barking performance.

“She has always had spots on her like she’s part Dalmatian,” he said. “She’s definitely a Dalmatian now.”

2. Max the Dog: Harris County, TX

Sherry Noppe went missing in George Bush Park while walking her dog, Max. Although it was part of her usual routine, there was concern that Noppe could be confused or disorientated because of her mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.

Noppe’s family said that she knew the park well. Searchers spent more than 48 hours looking for her.

It was 3 AM on May 6, 2022, when a group of volunteers heard Max barking in the woods. Noppe was quickly found after, taken to the hospital, and is expected to make a quick recovery. [[2]]

Max had no collar or leash, but he stayed by Noppe’s side for nearly three days without supplies.

“We knew when that dog barked there should be no dogs out there,” said Michael England, a family friend. “That was her.”

3. Sue the Dog: Danville, IL

Francis Dearth was getting ready for a nap. He placed his phone and Medic Alert necklace on the bed next to him. Sue curled up by his side.

Dearth had adopted Sue three years before. Someone had thrown acid on her, and no one was coming to adopt her at the shelter. The attendant said that they’d have to euthanize her in three days, so she found a new loving home at that moment. [[3]]

When Francis got up from his nap, he got dizzy and felt pain shoot up his leg. It caused him to collapse, and he couldn’t reach his communication devices. His wife was working a 12-hour shift, and no one was in the house.

Sue was told to ask for help, so she started barking at every window. The pain kept getting worse.

No one knows for sure what happened next except that Sue triggered the medical alert device. When monitors couldn’t speak with Francis, they sent paramedics right over.

A massive infection was happening in Death’s leg. Doctors had to amputate it to save his life. Without Sue triggering the alert for help, the outcome could have been very different.

“I use a three-wheeler to get around now, but Sue stays right by my side,” said Dearth. “She’s a part of me. I wouldn’t trade her for anything. She’s the reason I’m alive today.”

4. An Anonymous Good Boy: Hampshire, UK

A mom was taking a walk with her dog and her two-year-old daughter in Hampshire in the morning. Two men approached the young family, saying they were interested in their pet.

When they got close enough, one of the men grabbed the toddler and tried to run away with her.

The family dog, who has not been named, wouldn’t let that happen. He took off after the would-be kidnapper, constantly biting his leg until he let the little girl go. [[4]]

Investigations are continuing into the incident.

5. Tinsley the Dog: Vermont

In January, Cam Laundry was in an automobile accident where I-89 and I-91 come together in Hartford. He’s facing a drunk driving charge for the incident, but he’s also grateful to be alive.

Laundry was thrown from his truck during the accident. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, and the impact from the incident caused him to lose consciousness.

No one saw the accident. The police department started receiving calls about a dog on the bridge leading to Vermont. When officers tried to catch her, she refused to be corralled. Once began to listen to her, she took them directly to the crash site. [[5]]

When Laundry woke up, he found Tinsley by his side with a state trooper rendering assistance. Her reward was a large venison dinner.


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